I could reply to this post and talk all about how we, Movie theaters, have no choice but to charge those prices to stay in business and so on but I wont. Because if you work at a movie theater or talk to someone who works for a movie theater you know that we make almost no money on just selling tickets because studios charge a butt load for movies, would you like to pay $25 dollars to see a movie and get your dollar soda? I wouldn’t. Shit and think a 3D movie would cost like $30. FUCK NO.

I love talking to others that work at movie theaters and people who understand my life.


I realize you have to make a profit, but could you find a way to do it without driving us all into the ground just for popcorn and a soda? Seriously, couldn’t we just work out a deal where I promise you my thirdborn child (I’ve already promised away my first two) and you give me whatever I want…

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